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Health records have never been in better hands.

Cloud Platform

Biotechware is a cloud-based EHR system that represents a sophisticated storage of the patient’s clinical data in digital format, which are securely stored and exchanged, and accessible to various authorized users.

The Biotechware platform can record, store, analyze and share in real time information relevant to the health of the patient coming from any medical device,
from any health professional, from the family or from the patient him/herself and from any place.

The Biotechware platform is certified as CE medical device.

The Biotechware platform utilizes:


advanced TLS cryptographic protocols to ensure the greatest safety in the transmission on TCP/IP networks from the source to the addressee, thus preventing any tampering with, falsification and interception of the data.


AES algorithm with 256-bit top secret key for high security and performance levels united to calculation speed


SCRYPT algorithm as key deriving function based on password for the protection of the hardware attacks

CardioPad Pro is a 12-junction portable professional  electrocardiograph which is the result of Biotechware’s Research & Development. Thanks to a simple user-friendly interface, CardioPad Pro guides the health operator to record the patient’s ECG in any moment and place.

Through Biotechware’s Cloud Platform the ECG arrives in real time to the analysis center, where a staff of qualified cardiologists analyzes the ECG and drafts the findings. The data are immediately available to the operator, to the patients and to all the health care professionals involved in the treatment of the patient, who can access the platform through a personal account.

CardioPad Pro is a CE 0426 medical device
Biotechware is certified ITALCERT ISO 9001 – ISO 13485

How it works

CardioPAD Pro







TENSIOPOD is a portable monitor of the arterial pressure that allows recording the blood pressure and pulse frequency values 24h/24.

TENSIOPOD is appropriate for telemedicine applications and for those services that call for a central collection of physiological parameters

TENSIOPOD is a CE marked medical device  ce

TENSIOPOD is distributed and integrated to the BIOTECHWARE platform


LIFECARD CF is a portable holter that allows recording 3 derivations for 24/48 hours up to 7 days.

LIFECARD CF is appropriate for telemedicine applications and for those services that call for a central collection of physiological parameters.

LIFECARD CF is a CE0123 marked medical device

LIFECARD CF is distributed and integrated to the BIOTECHWARE platform

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Deepening material:

  • The technical cards of our devices: Cardiopad Pro and Tensiopod
  • The facsimile of a check with recording and report

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