Test Clinici in TV grazie a Biotechware

old_couple_watching_tv-1Biotechware, in collaboration with other realities on the territory of Piedmont, has developed a system that allows the elder people performing their own clinical tests and receiving findings through the TV. The experiment of the new Smart TV with integrated monitoring system is already being tested at the housing facilities of 10 elder people in the Mondovì area, assisted by cooperative “Il cortile”, and the results are largely successful.
The equipment is easy to use, the first installation is made by the operators, who install the electronic device to the home TV and to the Internet line, which allows transmitting the data to the bodies appointed to the checks. The elder person can check the ECG, hemoglobin and blood pressure in few simple gestures. The information directly reaches an operator in conference call, who checks the data with CSI Piemonte and monitors the health status of the elder person in real time. Some patients use the equipment with the support of their relatives, but other ones can perform the operations autonomously.
The project involves 5 partners operating in Piedmont: Politecnico di Torino as research organism and companies Microla Optoelectronics of Chivasso, Informatica System of Vicoforte, Biotechware and Designgang of Torino.
The experimentation, which started in July 2014, shall end in October 2015; it is not excluded that the equipment can be distributed to the elder people assisted by the health care centers of Piedmont to increase their safety and reduce the monitoring costs. In short, once again does technology allow improving people’s life through a fast constant check of the information, since, as it is well known: “prevention is better than cure”