As from today, you can have your ECG run also at the gymnasium - Biotechware

logoFP (1)CardioPAD Pro is the fastest and safest technology to perform an ECG at the pharmacy. As from today, you can find CardioPAD Pro also at the gymnasiums, thanks to the agreement with Fitness Profile, which deals with the distribution of the products at the sports structures as well. Fitness Profile is an exclusive distributor for Italy of avant-garde products for people’s fitness and health.Their Mission is “… innovating and becoming a reference point as related to quality, serious-mindedness and professionalism, operating sincerely and fairly in the Italian Fitness & Wellness system…”. The objective shared by Fitness Profile and CardioPAD PRO is to take care of people, allowing the athletes to monitor their health performance, improve their performances and timely discover any issues or malfunctions.

During Wellness Rimini – from May 28th through 31st 2015 – Biotechware shall be a guest at Fitness Profile. Reserve immediately your ECG!

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