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Holter ECG

Holter ECG reports in 48 hours, complete with high relevance rhythms strips.

Lifecard CF* device

Portable Holter that allows recording 3 channels for 24/48 hours up to 7 days:

  • Sensitive pacemaker detection circuit with excellent noise appreciation operates continuously, with better performances than 10,000 Hz sampled pacemaker detection methods
  • Voice recording capability
  • Up to 7 days of recording using single battery and one memory card
  • Full integrated with our Biotechware Cloud Platform
  • CE marked medical device (CE 0123)

* Lifecard CF is a Spacelabs Healthcare product

Medical Reporting Service

Through Biotechware’s Cloud Platform all exams arrive in real time to the Medical Reporting Center, where highly-qualified cardiologists analyze the exams and prepare detailed medical reports. The data are immediately available to operator, patient and all the health care professionals involved in the treatment of the patient, who can access the platform through a personal account.

  • Reporting service 24/7
  • Teleconsultation
  • All medical reports digitally signed
  • Report available to client through Biotechware Cloud Platform
  • Report format based on worldwide benchmarks
  • Flexible solution to satisfy customer needs

Features of Biotechware Cloud Platform

Biotechware systems provide efficient and flexible solutions for our clients

  • Fully cloud based and device neutral. Can be accessed through any web-enabled device and any web-browser
  • Open for integration with other medical devices
  • Fully in-house development process guarantees maximum adaptability and business continuity
  • Fully GDPR compliant with highly secured data transmission protocols and storage encryption
  • Ready to connect to HIS through HL7 protocols or proprietary open web API
  • Unique frontline interface with multi-role accounts
  • CE marked as Medical Device
  • Appreciated by professional cardiologists 
  • Workflow optimization tailored for each managed exam type
  • Automated cases prioritization
  • Integrated business intelligence gives access to statistics over service performance
  • Fully managed solution: no software installation required, centralized rolling updates and backups
  • Quality assurance process aimed at ensuring the highest accuracy and adequacy of medical reports