Easy and secure remote monitoring

Remote patient monitoring

Biotechware’s remote patient monitoring solution is tailored to the needs of the hospital, is dedicated to post-operative discharge and to patients with heart failure to enable remote monitoring of the patient’s health status.

This service aims to allow the facility to monitor the patient’s health status remotely in order to reduce mortality and possible re-hospitalisation.

Biotechware remote patient monitoring Kit

Ready-to-use kit for remote patient monitoring:

  • 5 parameter measuring: oxygen saturation, heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, body weight
  • Patient questionnaire to evaluate the patient’s state of health
  • Prepared smartphone with app and SIM for data transfer, monitoring and consultation
  • Comfortable, intuitive and easy-to-use devices
  • Taking vital signs can be done by patients themselves, from the comfort of their own homes
  • Direct transmission of recorded clinical data to the Biotechware Monitoring Centre
  • Periodic reporting on the patient’s health status

Remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring Kit Biotechware is ready to use: completed by sensors for detecting parameters, equipped with a smartphone including a SIM card for transfer of data and measuring the patient’s data according to personalised notifications and with reminders for the therapies to be taken.

Using the solution, facilities will be able to concentrate on enrolling the patient and defining the individual plan, whereas the Biotechware Monitoring Centre will ensure adherence to the chosen pathway, periodically assess vital parameters, alert the facility’s team in case of need, and issue a weekly patient summary report.

Biotechware Remote Patient Monitoring Service Features

  • Remote monitoring Centre monitors parameters, provides periodic reports and offers alerting service for emergency conditions
  • Consulting service with the Remote Monitoring Centre is always available
  • Service management is carried out by dedicated doctors according to the remote monitoring protocol developed together with the facility, its referring doctor and validated internally by the Remote Monitoring Centre
  • Remote assistance and patient solution use guide by Biotechware service team
  • Timing: weekly reports delivered with patient status evaluation by a cardiologist
  • Monitoring service provision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Features of Biotechware Cloud Platform

Biotechware systems provide efficient and flexible solutions for our clients

  • Fully cloud based and device neutral. Can be accessed through any web-enabled device and any web-browser
  • Open for integration with other medical devices
  • Fully in-house development process guarantees maximum adaptability and business continuity
  • Fully GDPR compliant with highly secured data transmission protocols and storage encryption
  • Ready to connect to HIS through HL7 protocols or proprietary open web API
  • Unique frontline interface with multi-role accounts
  • CE marked as Medical Device
  • Appreciated by professional cardiologists 
  • Workflow optimization tailored for each managed exam type
  • Automated cases prioritization
  • Integrated business intelligence gives access to statistics over service performance
  • Fully managed solution: no software installation required, centralized rolling updates and backups
  • Quality assurance process aimed at ensuring the highest accuracy and adequacy of medical reports

Why should you choose the Remote Monitoring Solution for your facility?

  1. Remote monitoring service improves the patient care process in order to reduce the workload for the healthcare facility by optimising and distributing internal resources
  2. Remote monitoring solution provides patient’s vital parameters remotely, to reduce the patient’s length of stay and, in this way, minimise bed occupancy within the facility
  3. Empowers hospital to monitor the patient’s health status remotely in order to reduce mortality and possible re-hospitalisation