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Covering the entire value chain with technologically advanced medical devices, our Biotechware Cloud Platform and a professionally staffed Medical Reporting Center, we provide turn-key telemedicine solutions.

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How it works?

Biotechware's solution workflow

Biotechware provides a complete telecardiology solution, covering all aspects from devices to medical reporting.

      1. Our offer covers devices for resting ECG, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) and holter ECG, all integrated with the Biotechware Cloud Platform. These devices can be used by healthcare professionals both in public and private hospitals, general practitioners, nurses and pharmacists
      2. By using our devices the medical personnel acquires the patient’s personal data, relevant medical history and biological signal or parameters
      3. All of this data is sent to our Biotechware Cloud Platform, where it is analyzed by our pool of cardiologists
      4. A medical report is issued within a short time and made available to the requesting healthcare provider and, upon request,  to the patient himself

Our solution benefits all parties involved: discover the value it can bring to you.


Clinically Driven Quality

Clinical standards are set by Italy’s eminent interventional cardiologists and our reports pass through a strong Quality Assurance process.

Fast reporting

We provide almost immediate report which can be followed by tele-consultation with our cardiologists.

24/7 service

We are ready to serve our clients also during nights and weekends.

Secure and compliant

We value the safety and privacy of our customers, and we guarantee the security of their data through compliance with ISO standards and GDPR.

Easy access

From any web browser users can easily access our Cloud Platform from anywhere

Integration to HIS

We can integrate our Cloud Platform to client’s HIS to retrieve medical data and upload reports.

Our Telemedicine Services

Resting ECG

12-lead resting ECG reports within few minutes.

Holter ECG

Holter ECG reports
within 48 hours


Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring reports within 24 hours.

Clinical Governance

Clinical Governance Standards are the core components of our processes and monitored by our Medical Advisor Dr. Sebastiano Marra.                                    Our medical reporting center is staffed with experienced cardiologists meeting our highest quality standards.

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