Biotechware team at Pharmexpo 2021

Biotechware participated in Pharmexpo, a pharmaceutical industry trade show in Naples, Italy, November 26-28.  The exhibition in Naples has been an important experience for our team: we had the opportunity to show our 360° Telemedicine solution, to present CardioPad Lite our innovative electrocardiograph and to meet many experts of the pharmaceutical and medical sector.

Biotechware launches the new electrocardiograph CardioPad Lite

We are excited to introduce you to CardioPad Lite! The simplest and most flexible solution for resting ECG. Compact, lightweight and very easy to use. Biotechware has designed CardioPad Lite to ensure maximum quality and to support the operator during every step of performing an electrocardiogram. Biotechware’s latest revolutionary product, is a hospital-quality portable 12-lead…